Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an entire system of diagnosis and treatment that parallels Western medicine, but is much older. TCM is thought to be especially useful for treatment of chronic diseases, which is very relevant to modern drug discovery. Our goal of organizing this 2-day symposium on an East-meets-West theme is mainly to bridge the two sides. Herbal medicines have long been viewed as a promising place for drug candidates, and we want to encourage that, but we feel translational Chinese approaches to diagnosis and disease classification may also be informative to a Western audience. Therefore, in this 2-day symposium we will bring together speakers from Hong Kong that are world-class researchers and clinicians in the TCM field and HMS speakers that have pursued original lines of research in chemical biology, and/or have research approaches related to TCM, at least conceptually, to spark discussions and potential research collaborations.  

A public symposium will be held on June 20th at the HMS Martin conference center, followed by focused group discussions on June 21st. Please register through this webpage if you are interested to attend the public symposium. We will provide free breakfast and lunch to registered participants so your online registration will help us to provide the right head-count to the catering service.

Please note that this symposium has now concluded. Recordings are now available for viewing under the MEDIA tab.